The Suzuki Method

The Suzuki Method – or the "Talent Education Method" as Dr. Suzuki called it – is the world's most popular way of learning violin. The method introduces students to the instrument in a very natural way. Instead of lots of etudes and drills (which can often times seem the farthest thing from music), students are taught real pieces from the very beginning. Each piece has been carefully selected to introduce new skills and reinforce earlier lessons.

O'Connor Method

Alongside the Suzuki Method, I teach the O'Connor Violin Method developed by America's preeminent fiddler, Mark O'Connor. Echoing the Suzuki Method in its pedagogy, O'Connor has drawn from the classics of American fiddling for his teaching repertoire. Tunes in the O'Connor Method include The Arkansas Traveler, Amazing Grace, Buffalo Gals, and Old Joe Clark. The two schools complement each other and expose the student to a wide range of styles and traditions from the very beginning.

About Paul

I got my start playing violin when I was quite young. When I was just four years old, my parents asked me, "Would you like to learn how to play the violin?" and I said, "Sure!"