What is Classical Fiddle?

Classical Fiddle offers students the opportunity to learn how to play both traditional fiddle AND classical violin, not just one or the other. If you want to be at home in an orchestra and have fun fiddling, Classical Fiddle will help you do just that.

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Suzuki and O'Connor Methods

I teach using the Suzuki and O'Connor Methods. These two schools complement each other and expose the student to a wide range of styles and traditions from the very beginning.

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Fiddle Lessons or Violin Lessons...why not both?

Fiddle lessons? Violin lessons? Why not both? What's the difference?

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“One thing I will say, Paul, is that hands down, you are the best teacher around.”

– RM

“NO ONE WILL EVER BE AS TERRIFIC AS YOU. I mean that! You made the violin mean fun to me. No other teacher comes close.”

– JM

“Paul has been teaching my daughter for over 6 years now and she loves the violin more now than she did when she first started. She’s encouraged to explore music that interests her while maintaining and improving the fundamentals.”

– JC

“We’ve enjoyed many happy years with Classical Fiddle Studio. The variety of music selection, the support for orchestra and special projects, the encouragement to reach goals and new challenges have been exactly what was needed for a young musician. Paul is attentive, focused, curious, and enthusiastic. You simply can’t find a more fun teacher and studio!”

– HK

“Paul has been teaching my daughter for several years now and she’s never enjoyed the violin more. Paul pushes her to focus and improve her playing, while making sure she has fun with the instrument and the music.”


“Paul is a master craftsman. From day one his attention to detail and breadth of experience are immediately obvious. He goes above and beyond to explain the violin, always looking for the most effective angle from which to approach my individual strengths and weaknesses. At Paul’s studio, things are as far from one-size-fits-all as can be. If you’re looking for an individualized, practical, and student-focused experience, then I highly recommend Paul.”

– CR

“Paul Carlson is an extraordinarily talented musician and teacher…I can testify personally that he has helped me – someone whose days of formal music training are long past – to improve my playing significantly and surprisingly.”

– CK

“From the very first instance I was amazed at how this American-born fiddler had such a well-developed understanding of the style of Swedish folk music…He is an enthusiastic and joyful musician.”

– LJ

“Excellent playing, really excellent playing.”

– Ben Stein